The Horsey Team

is composed by many different Horses, of different ages, breed, colour and height. They are the main teachers. Vanessa co-facilitates at their side and gives words to explain or support, when necessary. Through personal experience the work done bypasses the logical mind and becomes memory, this is the main difference between reading a book vs. experiencing in first person.

The Farms Teams -employees and volunteers-

are composed by several people either busy with horses, construction, renovation, cleaning, forests management, or gardening. These people are aligned with Gratitude Philosophy and are co-creating with Vanessa and Karsten the spaces, for the experiential work to happen.

Social Commitment

At present there are 7 full time employees and there is hope to create more and more work for the surrounding community. Each person working at Gratitude has a specific mission and is a Leader according to her or his own capabilities. Gratitude creates compassionate Leaders through leading by example.


Our respect for nature and for the earth is paramount to every decision taken. Trust, Respect, Collaboration, Integrity, Coherence are all facets of an Authentic Community and the solid grounds we move onto at Gratitude.


Of a world in which people know themselves and thrive in life. We see people having a peaceful and abundant life. At large: to have a world full of empowered and compassionate people, who are able to accept diversity. Boundaries are understood and respected. Peace is as common as air. One-ness with Nature a given.