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Gratitude Spring Water

Life on Earth would not exist if there was no water
Humans have over 70% of body water, and water has memory, as several scientific papers by Jacques Benveniste and Luc Montagnier -nobel prize for discovering the virus of HIV-, support. And even if science is still struggling to understand how water functions, one thing is for sure: we need to take care of it and also be aware of the quality of the water we are intaking, on a daily basis.

What Gratitude does for water
It all started several years ago as Vanessa and Karsten made a leap of faith and followed a strong instinct to purchase land in Riversdale. The challenges, which came in their direction, were bigger than ever expected, yet the years on the land in Riversdale taught them a lot. One of the most important lessons was and keeps on being about water. The land in Riversdale has abundant water: several springs, good rain catchment area, big dams, and 2 rivers running through the land. Water management became one of the main lessons they had to learn, and Karsten has taken it as his mission not only to take care of the water on the farm but also to investigate the different properties of it and its effects. Karsten also keeps on supplying the water from Riversdale to the George areas where he himself, Vanessa and their family are roaming. Vanessa and Karsten are both convinced of the health effect of water on the body and the importance of having spring water as a daily intake, because of the mineral contents in it. Gratitude Water is sourced straight from the mountain and is unpasteurized and unfiltered, therefore cannot be sold in shops.