Life, Business and Spiritual Coaching through Equine Facilitated Learning

The following programs are offered in George and Riversdale:

Individual Sessions with the horses
Group Sessions for families/groups of 2 or more
Team Building Workshop for groups of at least 4 participants
Break-through: 10 days, on-site discovering of self. Cut through the illusion of drama and ego, and learn to be your true self again!
VIP Life & Spiritual Coaching: how to stay true to oneself under the pressure of fame and/or money
Apprenticeship: for people who would like to work in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning; 30 days on-site training plus one year mentoring. If needed the on-site time can be split in two, three or four: 2/15 days; 3/10 days; 4/7-8 days.
Note: the apprenticeship is available to people who have done a break-through workshop with Vanessa and are ready and willing to prepare their herd/s for the work with people. At least 5 years of horse experience is mandatory. The selection is very strict and it is done to keep the standards of the work high, in order to offer a professional and ethical service to whoever is ready for a drastic change/improvement in her/his life.

All day-long workshops include 6 hours work with Vanessa and the horses. Art material included as well.
Please enquire for prices.
Accommodation on and off site can be organised.
Airport pick-up possible.
We are VAT registered.
Payments: Bank transfer to be done in advance and in full in order to secure a space.

Where we are:
Riversdale, Western Cape, South Africa
George, Western Cape, South Africa

Horses have been leading, escorting and protecting humans for centuries. Nevertheless, they are mostly USED for ego gratification. No wonder that only few people manage to have them as trusted companions. I will show you that they are not meant to be mere pets or sport tools, domesticated to the extreme.
It is a similar story with us humans, as too many of us aren't living our own (happy) life. Very often we are wearing a mask imposed on us by society, which usually already starts during childhood, to "please" our own family.
My name is Vanessa Malvicini and I work at the side of Horses. I grew up with these imposing creatures and although at the beginning I was competing in jumping, dressage, and helping out my grandfather with his race horses, I was brought onto a completely different path in 2003. What happened? The Horses, at my side and elsewhere, kept on showing me the importance of the 'wild' side in me. Although I had question marks floating around in my logical brain for several years, I now see what the Horses have done of me: I 'am', in all my authenticity and strength. Together, the Horses and myself now coach people to reach what is possible: to 'be'.
Because our 'leaders' are the most crucial individuals for the well being of humans AND everything else on our planet, we have specialised in Authentic Leadership training.
Our programs are unique and their strength is based on the fact that our work is experiential (and therefore completely flexible). There is no hiding in front of a Horse! They see what is holding us back to be our true selves and they help us to reach the best of who we are. Horses don't have hidden agendas and have no interest in creating dependence. The transformation is quick and permanent!

I am Spirit having a Human experience