Horses in the wild live in Herds

Their communication is mostly non verbal.

So how does the whole herd move away from danger, when needed? They use 100% of their, from nature given, skills: 7% verbal + 93% non verbal communication.

And how does the herd move as one unit? They follow their leader, who is chosen by the herd's members, because of the skills she or he has and they are coherent.

How can one define the kind of leadership horses use? Authentic.

Big Boy Session with Vanessa

What can you learn at Gratitude Academy in George?

How to be who you are, without ego attachments and projections. You will reach this through exploring and using nonverbal communication.

Having the Horses as your teachers, you will learn how to be an Authentic Leader, who is worth being followed. And that also means you will learn to be the leader who does not need to create followers, but other leaders.

What we offer:

All the following offers are inclusive of handouts and art material supporting the work. Snacks and lunch are provided with the workshops and sessions lasting for one or more days. Dinner is never included. Transport to and from the airport can be organized in George. We offer accommodation on and off site, which can be booked separately. Due to the work we do, and even if we have a barn in which we can do some of it, the days are mostly spent outdoor, and close to the horses. Please bring: a water bottle, hat, sun protection and sturdy closed shoes.
Vanessa speaks: Italian, French, English and German, and she offers her work in either of these languages. Sessions can be of one or two hours in length, whilst full day sessions as well as multiple days workshops include 6 hours of work and time for breaks and snacks.

Equine Facilitated Learning Apprenticeship -for professional equestrians- 17 days, on-site training over 6 months, and 10 hours long distance mentoring: R76500
Equine Guided Vision Quest -for anyone willing to find self and thrive again in life- 10 days and 10 evenings on-site exploring over 9 months, plus 10 hours long distance mentoring: R45000
One-on-One Sessions with or without the horses: R850/hour; R3000/bundle of 4/hours; R7000/bundle of 10/hours
Group Sessions for groups of 2 or more: R750/hour/person; R2700/bundle of 4/hours/person; R6250/bundle of 10/hours
Weekend One-on-One 2 or 3-day long intensive: R4500/day
Weekend Team Building Workshop for groups of at least 4 participants: R4100/day/person
Long distance and mentoring Sessions via Skype or Phone: R650/hour

All prices are VAT included. Accommodation on and off site can be organized. Airport pick-up possible. Payments: Bank transfer to be done in advance and in full in order to secure a space. The year long program and Vision Quest can be paid in 3 installments.